Love Lost, Love Found, and The Krug Family 10 Years Later

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Ten years ago, long before I arrived to work at WHO-HD, reporters told the story of the Krug family. Mother Aimee had been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer two days after giving birth to her youngest daughter Brooke.

Aimee died April 3, 2010.

Saturday I met with the family to catch up with husband Adam, since remarried, and his wife Katie.

They tell a story of loss, love, and relationship they say was forged through divine intervention.

“We pretty much knew that even though she was a fighter, the end result was going to be her going to heaven. I was never planning on getting married again, I was just gonna raise my daughters. That was my plan. They were my focus 100%” said Adam.

Years went by and the girls, Kiera and Brooke, started asking questions that are hard for a father to answer.

“Sometimes out of the blue they would say ‘dad when are you going to find us a new mom?’ and that was always kind of tough, because I had to tell them it just wasn’t that simple” said Adam.

That is until Adam, encouraged by his friends, joined and saw Katie.

“I saw her picture, and I’m like ‘there’s no way, why should I even try it? I’m sure she’s met someone like that’” Adam said as he snapped his finger.

The two met for sushi in 2013 and 10 months later they married. That was when Adam started to notice striking similarities between Katie and Aimee. The first was when he told Katie that Aimee played the oboe.

“She was part of the Iowa Wind Ensemble and she absolutely loved it, and there’s not a lot of oboe players out there” said Adam.

“There’s hardly anyone that plays the oboe, and I played the oboe for years, I played it in college, and so when I heard that I thought, ‘oh my gosh!’” said Katie.

The similarities continued.

“We were in the Miss Iowa pageants also, obviously different years, but what are the chances?” said Katie. “I definitely think it was God and Aimee who put us together” she said.

Adam says that his late wife made it clear she wanted him to have another relationship.

“Before she knew what was going to happen she always tried to talk to me about friends. She tried to set me up with her friends, she said ‘someday I’m going to die, I want you to be happy and the girls need a mom’” said Adam.

The couple says over time, they started to notice strange things happening around the house.

“Weird things like an electric toothbrush turning on by itself, an air vent popping out, Brooke’s light came out by itself one night, the Keurig machine turned on once by itself” said Adam.

“So we always say it’s just mommy Aimee” said Katie.

The family says Aimee is still a big part of their life.

“We celebrate her life also, so every January for her birthday we make a cake for her, we have candles so we really try to make sure we always remember her and keep her memory alive” said Katie.

Katie also says her connection to Aimee grew stronger after another tragedy while she and Adam tried to have a child.

“We found out that we had a miscarriage. It definitely was a difficult time for us but the great way that I look at is that Aimee has my baby and I get to have hers down here” said Katie.

Adam and Katie were successful in having a child and are now celebrating their first Christmas with seven month-old Dawson.


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