Metro Drivers Get Their First Taste of Winter Weather



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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- Depending on who you talk to, you will find different answers to the age-old question: how are the roads?

"The roads are pretty good. The main roads are pretty cleared off," said Ryan Baker.

"It’s very slippery outside. It’s a little bit deceiving," said Kevin MacFarlane.

While one person's "good" is another person's "slippery," both drivers say the roads were passable.

"If you’re paying attention and driving carefully, the roads are O.K. for right now," said MacFarlane.

"The city was able to get out and pre-treat the roads, but it’s the first snow. It's going to be the most dangerous one because people are getting used to driving in the snow again," said Baker.

That is the message the Iowa State Patrol is trying to drive home.

"You know, even if you’re the best driver in the world, the thing you got to worry about is those other drivers out there; the inexperienced drivers, the out of state drivers, the guy with the big 4x4 truck with the big tires that think they’re invincible to snow and ice. So, slow down and increase your following distance are the biggest things," said Sgt. Nathan Ludwig.

Even when the snow stops falling, there can be danger.

"You get that glimpse that roads are good because you can go back to 60, 70 miles per hour. But then there are those trouble spots like bridges and overpasses and intersections, on-ramps, off-ramps; and this is Iowa. Things can change in a matter of a few minutes and a few miles so just be ready for anything," he said.

According to Ludwig, there were 104 crashes and 123 motorists assisted by the Iowa State Patrol from midnight to 8:30 p.m. Saturday.


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