National Organization Launches Palestinian Freedom Bus Tour In Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- This week presidential candidates making their way through Iowa might come face to face with the Jewish Voice for Peace Action network. In conjunction with several campaigns the JVP has launched their Palestinian Freedom 2020 Bus Tour.

“Our message is that it's not that complicated. Palestinians deserve freedom and justice, just like everybody else. And we want candidates to commit to like concrete commitment that they are going to support ending us funding to the Israeli military, for the injustices against Palestinians,” said Miriam Saperstein. 

The non partisan organization is led by students both Jewish and Palestinian from all across the country. By engaging Iowa voters they are hoping to thrust their causes to the forefront of the election.

“We want to do that by following candidates around and making the voters aware of who we’re voting for and what they stand for,” said Hasan Abdel-Nabi.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been a recent target for the group. They say Biden’s record shows he’s against their mission, referencing his continued support for the funding of the Israeli military.

“Biden's record on that is really shows that his foreign policy does not take into account freedom and justice for all people,” said Saperstein.

The group also plans to engage voters at  additional campaign events for Senators Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders. Although the group does not plan to endorse any candidates, they believe Sanders will support Palestinian freedom.

“We’re definitely excited for Bernie Sanders because he wants to cut military funding towards Israel. And that means that Palestinian lives can be free again,” said Abdel-Nabi.

The group is hoping to expand to be able to engage voters in all primary states.


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