Nearly 90 mph Wind Gusts Recorded Near Hampton

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HAMPTON, Iowa — “That was the strongest wind we’ve seen in a long time” said Ray Murray.

Murray lives on a quiet street in Hampton. That street was louder than usual Saturday morning when the nearby airport reported wind gusts up to nearly 90 miles per hour.

“It just sounded like a lot of howling and stuff and then just all of a sudden a big boom, and I figured a transformer blew someplace until we came out and saw trucks coming up the road and we realized the neighbor’s tree came down” said Murray

Murray said the wind picked up around 8:30 a.m. The tree knocked out power to that section of town, about 100 residents were in the dark while Mid-American energy worked to bring it back online. Other damage at the hands of falling lumber included a car which resulted in a broken windshield and a branch through the bumper. Some residents say they’re surprised it wasn’t worse.

“I have a lot of trees around my house and that one’s dying, I’m surprised that one didn’t…like branches didn’t fall out of that one or whatever. I’m glad I don’t have a bunch of brush and stuff in my driveway. I got a little bit not a bunch everywhere” said Gabriel Guerrero.

At the Hampton hardware store employees say they noticed the storm in their sales for the day

“We’ve been selling a lot of our rakes, a lot of garbage bags, a few chainsaws, chainsaw blades, that sort of thing” said Ducky Mueller.

By evening hours Mid-American Energy had restored power.


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