New App Making Parking Easier by Renting Out Driveways

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A new app could make parking around sporting events, concerts or even heading to the airport a lot easier.

The app is called Drivewayz. It’s similar to Airbnb, but instead of renting a room, you are renting a parking space in someone’s driveway, carport or even a space in a business parking lot.

The president and co-founder of the app, Reese Barracks, is a former Iowa resident who now lives in San Diego and wanted to solve the nationwide parking issue with the multitude of available space in driveways.

“Thirty percent of all traffic in urban areas is caused by the struggle to park,” Barracks said.

Des Moines resident and Drivewayz host Spencer Davidson said he believes the app is a great idea, especially during big events.

“During college football games, you might see signs in people's yards. It’s kind of nice having it on mobile phones just to be able to check beforehand what spots you can go to. You’re not driving around for an hour trying to find a spot. You can pull it up on a map. You can go to certain spots. It’s a great way for parking and it’s a great way for people to make a little bit of money. I’ve heard of people making over $100 a week doing this,” Davidson said.

Barracks said that through the app there are several different types of spaces to park in or rent out.

“Right now it’s just your driveway. It’s just those physical spots dedicated for you in your driveways. But on top of that, businesses can also rent out parking spots along with other property owners and apartment owners, as long as those spots are numbered and designated to the owner of the property,” Barracks said.

Barracks said they have designed the app to make it often cheaper and competitive with parking prices in the area.

“We’ve actually implemented dynamic pricing, which actually keeps our spots competitive with generic public parking spaces. But at the same time, if demand is high, our prices go up a little bit, making our hosts a bit more money. If it’s a Wednesday morning and there’s not much going on, our prices are going to be very competitive with street prices,” Barracks said.

Davidson said he also likes the convenience and added level of safety.

“Your car is going to be in a driveway. It’s going to be off the road. It’s not going to be in a 200-space parking lot next to a big F-250 pickup truck where they might ding your door,” Davidson said.

The app is free to download and there is no cost to become a host. Creators say it is as easy as downloading the app and taking a picture of your driveway.


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