Police Offer Advice to Avoid Porch Pirates Stealing Packages

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  It has been four days since Cyber Monday, packages are just starting to be delivered, and Des Moines police said there have already been three reports of stolen packages. They want you to be aware of so-called “porch pirates.”

“There’s a criminal element out there that they travel around town and they look for packages on doorsteps, no idea what’s in them and they take them hoping that it’s going to be something valuable,” Des Moines Police Sgt. Paul Parizek said.

Sgt. Parizek had a couple tips to keep you from falling victim.

“Find a way not to leave a package on your step, if you need to have it delivered to somebody else’s home, or maybe have a neighbor waiting for it, if you can make arrangements to pick it up at the shipping facility, all of those things are going to help make sure your package connects with you,” Sgt. Parizek said.

He also recommended using a notification system where the delivery service can send you a text or email when the package has arrived.

But Sgt. Parizek said if your package is stolen, make sure to contact the police right away.

“To be compensated from the company you’re most likely going to need to make a police report so make that as fast as you can, talk to your neighbors ask them if they saw anything, get all the information that you can so that when the officer gets there he can get it and we can get quickly on the case,” Sgt. Parizek said.

And the quickest way police can catch the package pirates is by using home security footage.

“We just take the neighborhood watch to the 21st century, we’re using the resources that we have now to take care of our neighbors and have our neighbors take care of us so those are the things that give us the advantage on the bad guy, we’ve got those extra eyes and ears out there,” Sgt. Parizek said.

To register a security camera, you can go to DSM.city/WatchDSM.


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