FAMILIES FIGHT: Medical Marijuana ‘Could Save Son’

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Medical marijuana is legal in 20-states, and the majority of Iowans think our state should join them.

The Des Moines Register's Iowa poll found 59 percent of Iowans support legalizing marijuana for medical use.

Just 37 percent were against the idea.

If you polled Iowa Lawmakers it’s unlikely you’ll get the same result.

A medical marijuana bill stalled at the Statehouse and it has some Iowans considering a move

Eleven-year-old William Sales started having seizures when he was 20-months-old.  He's also diagnosed with autism, ADD, and a chromosome abnormality.

“That throws you into a tailspin because you can`t sleep at night because you`re constantly worrying did I hear something, do I need to go and get him,” says William’s mom, Karen Sales.

Sales says they've tried everything but the current cocktail of medications he's on still aren't stopping the seizures.

With the help of a specialist in Boston, William was accepted into a program allowing the compassionate use of medical marijuana.

The only thing preventing him from taking part is his address.

“The only way we could use it was if we were to pick the medicine up from his office every couple of weeks and going from Iowa to Boston to pick up that medicine is just not possible,” says Sales.

Sales hoped lawmakers would make it possible by legalizing medical marijuana, but the bill was shelved the same day it was introduced.

“The simple truth is no Republican lawmaker was willing to sign onto legislation that would give even one Iowan access to medicines available in 20 other states,” says Iowa City Senator Joe Bolkcom who backed the legislation.

Sales says if Iowa isn't going to legalize the medicine her son needs, she may move to a state that has.

“It does become a thought of well do we end up leaving her.  Leaving Iowa and moving somewhere where we can get this medicine for our child,” says Sales.

Leaving Iowa means, leaving her job, family, and her support system, all to gain access to what is already legal 20 other states.

“We`re not asking for recreational use, we`re just asking for our doctors to have the option of using this as a means of medication to possibly help save my son`s life,” says Sales.

The Iowa Board of Pharmacy can vote to re-classify marijuana as a schedule II drug which would allow medical use.

The board meets on Wednesday and the parents of several children who could benefit from the drug plan to speak.


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