Insiders 2/23/20: Polk County Supervisors Defend Salaries, Explain Duties and Top Teacher Shares STEM Vision


DES MOINES, Iowa — Polk County Supervisors recently approved a 3 percent raise for elected officials.

They initially looked at a 4.5 percent increase but instead settled on a 3 percent increase.

Two Polk County supervisors joined Insiders to talk about that decision and more.

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Various studies show a career in STEM could mean up to a 30 percent higher paycheck. There's been increased focus on careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The state just recognized five Iowa teachers for their superior leadership in STEM education. We talked to one, who showed teachers don't have to be in a large district to spread STEM success.

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A leader in the Iowa soccer community talked about what the state needs to do to expand the sport’s potential for the 35,000 Iowa kids playing it.

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The supervisors are back for the Insiders Quick Six.

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