Caucus Firsts: Satellite Votes Overseas and in 13 Other States


QUEEN CREEK, Arizona — The Iowa Caucus this year will see something never tried before, holding some caucuses outside of the state of Iowa. The Democratic Party of Iowa is setting up what are called Satellite Caucus sites. Many are in Iowa in nursing homes and other areas. But there are a number which are held overseas, and in 13 states, plus the District of Columbia. Caucuses are also to take place in the countries of Georgia, France, and Scotland.

Joan Koenigs will host one of the Remote Iowa Caucuses. She has been active in the Democratic Party in Mitchell County for years. She and her husband Deo, live in St.Angsar when the weather is warm. For the past 20 years, they’ve been an hour from Phoenix in the winter months.

“Then we missed it, because we weren’t home I really felt bad about it,” said Koenigs who had a long history of being there for every local Democratic event. “We never missed a caucus we went to district conventions, state conventions.”

Now the Koenigs will open their condo on February 3 to welcome Iowans in Arizona for the winter, to come and participate in the Caucus.

“A little overwhelming at this point,” said Joan. “I’m thinking it will possibly be over seventy people lets just put that as an estimate.”

“I’m a bit nervous about it, its more people, I thought it be 20 people at the most,” said Deo Koenigs “Joan feels confident we can handle it, so I guess we will.”

Joan has been busy mapping this two-bedroom condo for every bit of space. They also have a large patio, along with the neighbor who if offering his patio next door as a space for people to stand.

“The parking was really the major challenge as you can see we can make room,” said Joan. “So we will park them in another location and shuttle people here.”

According to the Democratic Party of Iowa, there will be four Iowa Caucuses held in Arizona, one at Queen Creek, southeast of Phoenix, and three in and around Tucson. People wishing to attend an Iowa Caucus in another state or location must first be registered to vote in Iowa, and register for the Caucus will the Iowa Democratic Party, the last day to register is January 17th.


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