Jill Biden and Former Governor Tom Vilsack Campaign for Biden in Iowa

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ALBIA, Iowa -- Former Second Lady Jill Biden and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack spent the day campaigning for Joe Biden in small towns across Iowa, determined to turn undecided voters into commitments for the former vice president. 

“We're headed to Centerville and Bloomfield, smaller communities and making sure that we are spending time there, even if these are small groups. The reality is they can have a very powerful influence come caucus night,” said Vilsack.

“Some of them have never met Joe, which is surprising to me, but they haven't. And so when I tell them about Joe and his leadership and his plans for whatever it is: health care, education, security, foreign policy. They need to hear it,” said Jill Biden.

The most recent statewide poll from Monmouth shows Joe Biden leading the field with 24 percent. Senator Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Senator Elizabeth Warren trail behind.

The average of all polls in Iowa shows Joe Biden and Sanders within half a percentage point of each other, making undecided voters even more important. 

“In some circumstances, people may go into the caucus undecided. I think the reality is when you have a lot of choices, and certainly we've had a lot of choices, it is sometimes difficult to make that choice. And I think in this particular circumstance, all of us feel added pressure to do the right thing to make the right choice because we absolutely believe that this is an election we have to win,” said Vilsack.

According to Real Clear Politics, Joe Biden is favored to beat President Donald Trump in Michigan and Wisconsin. Jill Biden says with candidates this close to each other in the polls, voters must now think of electability. 

“I think the voters need to look at who can get things done. I think that Joe is a moderate. He's shown what he can do. His plans are achievable. He knows how he's going to pay for things, and he attracts independents as well as Republicans. And I think that's going to really make the difference,” said Jill Biden.


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