Joe Biden Focuses on Foreign Policy During Campaign Stop in Grinnell

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GRINNELL, Iowa -- An American airstrike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad has pushed national security to the forefront of the 2020 presidential race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, who served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has been using his experience to reframe the election.

“I think we need a president that’s going to provide a steady leadership on day one. I think these are the stakes in the election,” said Biden.

Biden is a supporter of the Iran nuclear deal, which was created under the Obama administration. Biden believes current tensions with Iran have escalated because of actions made by the Trump administration. 

“Let's not forget how we got here. What was set in motion was Donald Trump tearing up that nuclear deal in the first place, a deal that was working and serving America's interests and the region's interest. We didn't have all the chaos and escalation that is going on right now. The risk of war was much more distant than it is today,” said Biden.

Biden also criticized Trump for sending roughly 3,600 U.S. troops to the Middle East, after the president claimed his actions were a war prevention tactic. Other candidates such as Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Bernie Sanders have pointed out Biden’s support of going to war with Iraq back in 2002, something Biden has since said he regrets.

Other topics aside, some voters believe Biden would be the best candidate to take on foreign relations.

“As far as the Iran situation, I would say Joe Biden is uniquely the best candidate, just because of his depth of knowledge and experience in that field,” said Grinnell resident Jacob Chamberland.

With the Iowa caucuses less than a month away, this might be the two-term vice president's last push to try to get ahead of a still crowded Democratic field.


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