Klobuchar, Voters React to Steyer Aide Offering Donations in Exchange for Endorsement

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JOHNSTON, Iowa --  Voters at a presidential candidate event Thursday said campaign financing needs to be more transparent, in reaction to news about a Tom Steyer aide offering donations to Iowa legislators in exchange for public endorsements of Steyer.

This follows an Associated Press report where Iowa legislators said that the state's former Speaker of the House, Pat Murphy, offered donations to the campaigns if they endorsed Tom Steyer, the California billionaire running for president.

Murphy's actions are not illegal, however, payments for endorsements would violate campaign finance laws if not disclosed.

Linda Smith, who attended a Urbandale Democrats' event with Sen. Amy Klobuchar Thursday evening, said whether or not its illegal, she finds it concerning.

"That would not be moral for me. I just think it’s a little like quid-pro-quo and it’s threatening in a way," she said.

Another voter said he was not surprised due to Steyer's immense wealth.

"It should be no surprise that he’s trying to buy his way in, that’s how the bedrock of his campaign is," Brett Uzzo said. "The campaigns have become too much about money."

Sen. Klobuchar did not mention this news to the crowd, but told reporters separately that this is why there needs to be completely public campaign financing.

"The best thing is to not have these finance ways to work the way they do whether it’s legal or not I think we should have public financing," she said.


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