Legislative Session Full of Tears, Pleas to Lawmakers is Winding Down

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An 8-year-old Bondurant boy named Landon Friedrickson passed away last week.

Landon had an awful form of cancer called neuroblastoma, a disease where cancer attacks the nerve cells of children and can spread throughout the body.

We met Landon's parents who lobbied lawmakers to do something about the state's medical cannabis law, which has been largely worthless in Iowa.

A few years ago, the legislature legalized cannabis oil to help those with serious forms of epilepsy. The law's been mostly useless because it's still not legal to produce the oil here or transport it here.

Landon Friedrickson
Landon Friedrickson

This year, families have pleaded with them to fix the flaws in the law, but some Republicans have blocked those efforts so far.

“Not sure that I can ever remember so much emotion on an issue at the statehouse during a session,” said Channel 13’s Political Director Dave Price.

Whether it's advocates for Landon, those impacted by privatizing Medicaid or school funding, there have been a lot of tears and a lot of pleading with lawmakers.

Let's just hope those lawmakers, regardless of their political positions, will be able to adjourn for the year, knowing they can honestly say they've done the best they can for the Iowans who need them most.

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