National Media in Town for Iowa Caucus Walkthrough

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Iowa Caucus is just seven weeks away, but planning is running full-speed ahead with the Iowa Caucus Consortium.

The Greater Des Moines Partnership, Catch Des Moines, as well as the Hilton Hotel and the Iowa Events Center held a walkthrough of the layout for media when they come to town to report.

“We’re proud of our first-in-the-nation status for the Iowa caucuses. Iowans take this very seriously,” said Polk County Supervisor Tom Hockensmith.

"It's pronounced Duh-Moine, the s's are silent," said Greg Edwards, CEO of Catch Des Moines.

The media group was briefed on how results will be reported.

“We’re looking at what the backdrop looks like. We’ll definitely have two screens for reporting out the results. As to exactly what that looks like, we’re still figuring that out,” said Courtney Shaw, vice president of communications for the Greater Des Moines Partnership. She was taking suggestions from news networks how to display the screens.

"Part of the new changes this year are that caucuses go two rounds," said Mandy McClure from the Iowa Democratic Party. “People align in the first alignment, then they get a second and final choice so there won’t be multiple rounds.”

"We will be using an app this year as well to report results,” said Aaron Briggs from the Republican Party of Iowa. “We’ll have a reporter in every precinct getting those in and we’ll have a website set up.”

The media asked many questions, including if there would be concealed/carry allowed for media to bring firearms into the Iowa Event Center. The answer is no. They also asked if protesters would be allowed inside the Iowa Event Center and, again, the answer is no. Protests will be allowed on public sidewalks, near the Iowa Events Center.

“We want to know what this event space is going to look like," said Bob Epstein from the NBC News special events unit. “What other locations around town that we can go to.”

The Iowa Caucus is also getting some attention from NHK Network News in Japan.

Japanese people are very interested in what’s happening in the U.S. at any give time,” said Maki Hateel from NHK Network Japan. “The nitty gritty of the election itself, we need to give them quite a lot of information during our newscast. Our anchors explain how it works.”

The Iowa Events Center will be in full caucus mode Friday, Jan. 31, 2020 at 6 a.m. It will stay that way until the media leaves town after the Iowa Caucus is over on Feb. 3.

Media Members are encouraged to check this website to get their logistical questions answered.


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