President Trump Signs Executive Order on Transparent Medical Billing

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President Donald Trump signed a new executive order Monday to make medical billing more transparent.

The executive order requires hospitals to provide patients with the cost of healthcare before it is given.

President Trump said, “With this order hospitals will be required to publish prices that will reflect what people actually pay for services in a way that is clear, straightforward and accessible to all. You will be able to price it among many different potential providers.”

The order does not specify what level of detail hospitals have to go in to about prices.

“Here you can keep your doctor but you can also maybe find somebody other than your doctor at your choice and that would be based on talent and it would also be based on price. Because of this you’ll be able to search out for the right doctor and it really is in a true sense the opposite of Obamacare,” President Trump said.

This is the third executive order President Trump has signed relating to healthcare.

According to a nationwide survey by the AARP more than half of American over 50 worry about being able to afford prescription drugs.

The Iowa AARP hosts an event called “Stop RX Greed” to promote bringing down drug prices on Tuesday. People can learn more about the prescription drug campaign and ask questions.

It is located at Principal Park and begins at 9:00 a.m.


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