Presidential Hopeful Sen. Cory Booker Outlines Policy in Saturday Q&A


Sen. Cory Booker

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Presidential hopeful Sen. Cory Booker stopped in Des Moines at the Capitol on Saturday to speak with the public as well as the Asian-Latino Coalition.

“Immigration laws that benefit our country is not a new idea. We are who we are as a nation because of immigration. This is our moral values. It is our economic well-being, and it’s what makes us distinctive on the planet Earth,” said Booker.

During his question and answer session, Booker touted his support for women’s right to choose.

“I will with every fiber in my being Roe v. Wade, but it’s more than that. A woman’s right to choose is being eroded in this country because we see full on attacks on organizations like Planned Parenthood. So, I will fight to defend that women have access to family planning, access to care, but more than that I will make sure that healthcare is available to all women in this country,” said Booker.

He also spoke on common sense gun control.

“This is one of the things where there must be a sense of urgency in doing the things that we can do and the overwhelming majority of Americans agree on. 86 percent of NRA members believe that we should close these loopholes that allow people who shouldn’t have guns to buy them,” said Booker.

He also spoke on the expansion of unions and collective bargaining.

“If I’m president, my judges will believe in unions and make sure that the fundamental right in this county to collectively bargain, to organize, is preserved. I will push legislation where the right to organized is better affirmed,” Booker said.

With over a dozen Democratic candidates already in the fold, Iowans like Kim Uhlman are doing their best to keep up and learn about them all. Uhlman says she is an undecided voter and that Booker did a good job.

“This was an impressive speech. He addressed the issues of the labor situation. He also addressed the issue that Iowa is a right-to-work state. I think that was a smart move on his part. That appeals to Iowans who want to be part of organized labor or who are currently part of organized labor. I also think, too, that the speech went into a lot of nice addressing of the diversity of the community,” said Uhlman.

Booker followed up Saturday morning’s meeting at the Capitol with events in Ottumwa and Indianola. On Sunday, he will be in Ames, Waterloo, and Davenport.


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