Protester Dragged Out After Confronting Donald Trump Jr. in Iowa


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A protester had to be dragged away after confronting Donald Trump Jr. at a press conference in West Des Moines Monday afternoon.

According to progressive Jewish movement IfNotNow, the activist blamed President Donald Trump and Trump Jr. for promoting conspiracy theories that have inspired violence against Jewish people.

As the protester was removed from the room, Trump Jr. defended his father, saying, “I don’t think anyone has done more for Israel and American Jews than Donald Trump.”

Lara Trump, Eric Trump and Trump Jr. are among the president’s surrogates in Iowa on caucus night.

At the press conference, they made two main points. They are confident President Trump will win in Iowa again, and they appreciate the immense support they have received from Iowans.

“We’re here in Iowa to show the people that we take this election seriously. We are playing every second of the game until the very last second because while we feel very strongly about the president’s reelection chances, we want to make very sure of that,” said Lara Trump.

“We’ve never felt more support. The American people look through what’s happening. They see it as the nonsense that it is. They see the results. They see the economy. They see the unemployment. They see the rebuilding of our military. They see a guy who is actually willing to stick up for this country again. They see the protection of civil liberties and religious freedom,” said Eric Trump.

President Trump easily won the 2020 Iowa Republican caucuses on Monday. His supporters say no matter who the Democratic nominee is in the end, they are confident he will be reelected in November.


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