Sanders Campaign Asks Iowa Democratic Party to Check Numbers

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DES MOINES, Iowa – In a handful of precincts, the contest between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders came down to a coin toss.

"Well, as you recall, my luck was not that good last time around,” Clinton said.

While those caucus rules might not make sense to those outside of Iowa, the Sanders campaign says it doesn`t have a problem with them.

“Folks that don't follow it as closely can get a little jumpy about that. ‘Oh, there was a coin toss here or a coin toss there.’ It’s part of the rules and you know the rules before it starts,” said Sanders' campaign coordinator Pete D'Alessandro.

However, Sanders’ Iowa campaign is asking the Iowa Democratic Party to check its numbers. It wants to see the logged paper reports from all 1,680-plus precincts.

“You have numbers that are reported, whether it's through an app or over the phone, and also, people at each location that's putting it down on paper,” D'Alessandro said. “We're all human, we make mistakes.”

While the Sanders camp isn`t pointing any fingers or questioning the integrity of any of the caucus volunteers, it did, after all, come down to a coin toss.

The Iowa Democratic Party says what the Sanders folks are asking for isn't really possible because it isn't a straw poll or primary. In fact, most precincts didn't use paper forms. The results came in on the mobile app.

The party says members of all three campaigns were there in person to be part of the verification process.

“Most of what was going on last night was we were flagging results that either our app caught that didn't quite seem right or the campaigns were hearing things that maybe we should check into this," said Sam Lau of the Iowa Democratic Party. "So, we would get together with them and we'd look into it and come to a resolution.  We wanted our recording process to be as inclusive as possible to them and this morning, we were able to get to 100 percent reporting. Our results are verified and they are final.”

The party also said it saw its second highest turnout last night, with more than 171,000 Democrats caucusing across the state.


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