Supporters, Boycotters — There’s a Third Group Talking About Target’s New Policy

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Target has become a target after saying transgender people can use the gender-specific bathroom with which they most identify.

Some people praise the retail giant for its inclusivity, while others say they'll never shop there again.

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Channel 13's Dave Price found a third group of people talking about the controversy, too. They're confused. They believe in treating people equally, but some don't feel safe with someone of the opposite sex being in a bathroom with them, especially if they're alone.

Here's what he found on his Channel 13 Facebook page:

"I looooove Target. America's greatest strength is standing up for the rights of all its citizens." - Amy Elizabeth Burroughs

"Don't want to use the washroom with a man, I sometimes come out of the toilet while pulling up my pants or leave my things on the sink with the door half open. This is BS will never shop at Target again." - Eileen Wilson

"I personally don't care when I use the bathroom. However, I deeply care when I send my 5-year-old daughter into the bathroom." - Nikole Bauman Zurek

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