Safe Space For Home Bakers to Exchange Goods With Clients After Burlington Baker Assaulted

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BURLINGTON, Iowa — Burlington Police have made an arrest in a sexual assault case. Police say 37-year-old Steven Andrew Mauck went to a Burlington woman’s home pretending to be a home bakery customer.  Once inside the home he raped the woman at gunpoint.

Bakers across the state say they are here to support her and all Iowans making ends meet by selling baked goods.

“After hearing the news last night Crème has opened its doors to any home baker that needs to hand off a product to a client. They can come in our shop to be able to hand off their product here. No questions asked. Bring your product in, have a seat, meet your client here and hand it off. We just want to make sure all of our fellow bakers are safe and feel safe when meeting a client that they may not know,” said Christina Moffatt, owner of Creme Cupcake in Des Moines.

Moffatt says she doesn’t personally know the victim, but she’s still a part of the community.

“We just respect her work. She`s somebody we follow. Ya know we tend to follow a lot of people in the bakery industry because we love everything sweet and just want to support her as she`s going through her recovery,” said Moffatt.

At the end of the day, the baking community hopes coming together will help prevent another tragedy like what happened in Burlington.

“I think it`s gonna start a movement through everywhere. It has people re-looking at their practices to see what`s gonna be best moving forward for them as far as pickups go to make sure they`re safe and protected,” said Tara Lansman, Owner of Delish Creations.


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