Scouts get a Glimpse at Pioneer Life at Camp Mitigwa

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Camp Mitigwa WOODWARD, Iowa – In Boone County, located in the thick of the forest that surrounds Camp Mitigwa, there’s a place stuck in time: The ‘WeCanDoIt’ area, entering its 10th year of operation, gives campers a look at American life in Iowa in the early 1800’s.

The area, created and maintained by a group of retired volunteers, features a early 1800’s blacksmith shop, woodworking shop, Native American teepee, chuck wagon, buckskinner, and log fort with a real cannon that causes kids to jump out of their seats when fired off. The volunteers say they named the area, ‘WeCanDoIt’ because everything here was made by hand – a symbol for an important lesson these volunteers want campers to learn.

“Not everything is plastic or automatically made, and it wasn’t always so easy to make things,” said Bill Darby, a volunteer.

The WeCanDoIt area of Camp Mitigwa is offering Boy Scout campers a look back in time each Thursday of the camping season. Volunteers have one more session next Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Volunteers are always needed, and if you’re interested in helping maintain the site, contact the Mid-Iowa Council.


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