SYRIA POLL: Majority Of Public Oppose Strike


The CNN/ORC International poll released Monday, September 9, 2013, shows that even though eight in 10 Americans believe that Bashar al-Assad’s regime gassed its own people, a strong majority doesn’t want Congress to pass a resolution authorizing a military strike against it. Fifty-nine percent of people questioned say they don’t think Congress should pass a […]

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A new survey shows the public doesn’t want the US to act militarily in Syria.

The CNN poll released Monday shows 59-percent do not want Congress to pass a resolution authorizing a military strike against the Assad regime.

This is despite 82-percent of Americans believing the regime gassed its own people.

More than 70-percent of people say a strike would not achieve significant goals for the US.

Senator Chuck Grassley is one of several republicans who had a personal meeting With Vice President Joe Biden Monday afternoon.

Sen. Grassley has previously voiced reservations about backing military action.

Don’t expect Governor Branstad to weigh in on what should happen in Syria.

While the governor says he has watched the debate, he says he won’t try to influence our members of Congress.

“I know this is a huge issue,” says Gov. Branstad while on a trade mission in Japan.  “I know there’s a lot of angst in the country about this and it’s a big decision. Each of the senators and representatives has to vote their own conscience on something of this magnitude.”



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