Technology Startup Brings Gym to You

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URBANDALE, Iowa --With work, kids and travel, it can be difficult to make it to the gym. It's especially challenging when you have a schedule of fitness classes to maintain. A West Des Moines startup is trying to make it easier.

Angela Beaman hates to miss her kickboxing class at Goals in Motion. She says it’s, "difficult, but it's such a good workout. I'm drenched, and I always feel so good coming."

But like many parents, she can't always make it to the gym. Now, her class comes to her. Sandy Hafner with Goals in Motion says, "We videotape, or record one class a day, and it goes out on the system and people can work out anytime or anywhere they have internet access."

Goals in Motion teamed up with technology startup XStreaming Fitness to connect members to their club. The gym live streams one class a day and has a library of online workouts. XStreaming Fitness Co-founder Dave Handsaker says, "So that if you have to miss a class, if you're traveling, if your schedule is just too hectic that day, you have the ability still to work out with that coach that you like, and those members you work out with every day."

Technology handles all the behind the scenes details. Crews installed 3 cameras in the Goals in Motion fitness studio. The instructor carries around a controller. They just have to press a button to show different angles to people at home. Handsaker says, "When they're giving close-up instruction, they're on camera 1, which is right in front of them. When they want to go out and interact with members and give some instruction to their members, they switch to camera two, and that automatically happens behind the scenes."

All members have a certain amount of time to use the online classes each month, others pay extra for unlimited access, some are just online members. Hafner says, "We have people working out with us from Mississippi, Tennessee, Chicago, Florida, Omaha."

Hafner says XStreaming gives the gym an edge in a crowded fitness market, while helping current members reach their goals. Beaman says, "Since the end of March, I'm down about 70 pounds. I started as a 22-24, and now I'm wearing a 12."

XStreaming also features an accountability component. Coaches are able to connect with members through a message center. The startup based in the West Des Moines incubator is getting ready to launch nationwide.


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