Traffic Survey Along Leado Avenue Approved by Beaverdale Neighborhood Association


Leado Avenue in Beaverdale. (WHO-HD)

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BEAVERDALE, Iowa – The Beaverdale Neighborhood Association approves traffic survey along Leado Avenue.

This comes following two car accidents in the span of three days that has damaged the Glenney family’s fence.

Beaverdale resident Courtney Glenney said, “We’re going to have a lot of work to do on this fence to make it safe again and pretty much the whole fence is going to have to be fixed to make it safe.”

A contractor came out to the property Thursday to assess the damage and see how to make the fence safer.

“He honestly believes the safest route is to do two medal guard rails like you would on the highway or the interstate,” Glenney said.

Ward I Des Moines City Council member Bill Gray said the first step in determining how to make the curve safer is by conducting a traffic survey.

“It could be speed bumps, it could be flashing yellow lights, it could be some other things that the engineers have in their bag of tricks that will make people slow down,” Gray said.

The traffic survey will look at a sample of vehicles traveling in each direction going over the speed limit by five miles per hour.

“They have to go through and follow all the procedures that’s in their book and following all of the guidelines so that we don’t get the city on the hook for any liability issues,” Gray said.

Gray said his suggestion is adding yellow flashing lights so drivers can see the curve during the day and night.

Glenney said she hopes a solution comes sooner rather than later, because she doesn’t want to see history repeat itself.

“The fact that I have a five-year-old daughter and if anything was to go through the fence again or any parts of the house or the fence that is not there. It’s going to go through my house and it could potentially hurt or kill one of us,” Glenney said.

The project will be funded through the capital improvement budget.


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