TRAIN CRASH: Father And Son Injured In Ogden

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A Boone father and son were injured Friday morning after their vehicle was struck by a train just outside of Ogden.

The accident happened just after 8:00 a.m. at G Avenue, about a mile west of Ogden. Colton Thrane suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from a local hospital.

The trains right outside of Ogden travels at 60 miles per hour.

Friday morning, a vehicle crossing the intersection was no match for one.

“I heard a crunch and i got up and look and I couldn`t see much, but it drug it off there,” says Dan Froning of Ogden.

Froning says he could hear the crash from his house a quarter of a mile away.

Authorities say Jeffery Thrane and his son 18-year-old Colton were driving southbound on G Avenue when their car was hit by a Union Pacific train heading westbound.

“It sounds like they tried to slow down but not able to get stopped before the train ran into them,” says Dan Ruter from the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeffery was pinned in the car, crews had to use the jaws of life to rescue him.

However, Colton managed to escape and get help.

“The car had been hit and the train had forced it on the north side of the tracks.  He said when the train was stopped he crawled under the train and called 911 on the truck drivers phone,” says Mick Bailey with the Ogden Police Department.

Neighbors say what happened unfortunately isn't all that uncommon.

“More than one accident has happened at this intersection we`re just thankful that no one died,  because that would have been tragic,” says JoAnn Korpi of Ogden.

Korpi says the railroad crossing is just marked with a few signs and sometimes you can't hear the train coming until it's too late.

“We`ll you just have to really, really look and a lot of times the trains come quietly when they should be tooting their horns and you don`t know, so you just have to really have to slow down and look before you cross,” says Korpi.

In the town of Ogden both railroad crossings have both cross arms and lights, something Froning says would work just as well in the country.

“It costs a lot of money I understand to maintain them, but if we had the same thing out here that they have in town, where the arms come down way ahead of time 'it saves 99 percent of us,” says Froning.

Colton was treated and released from the local hospital in Boone.  His father, Jeffery was air-lifted to a Des Moines Hospital, his condition hasn't been released.


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