Tweed Riders Dress in World War II Era Clothing to Honor Veterans

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Bikers dressed in tweed Sunday for the ninth annual Des Moines Tweed Ride. With Veterans Day on Monday, people dressed in World War II era clothing to honor veterans from that time.

"It’s along Veterans Day, so now you have the poppies and the veterans and all that fun stuff, so it’s kind of really close to that. It remembers the victory in Europe, in England," West Des Moines resident Kevin Carlisle said.

"It’s a fun chance to get out and put on my grandma’s garbs," West Des Moines resident Mary Carlisle said. "It feels like we’re going back in time. It feels authentic."

Tweed riders gathering at Royal Mile in Des Moines


The bikers were very authentic. Many have been doing the ride for years. Even the bikes are old fashioned.

The ride began at the Royal Mile downtown and was an easy mile and a half to the Iowa State Capitol.

Bikers did not have to pay anything to sign up for the Tweed Ride, but organizers did ask riders to give what they can to the Puppy Jake Foundation. The non-profit organization provides service dogs to veterans wounded in combat.

“We have placed about 26 service dogs with their veterans. These dogs are helping their veterans with symptoms from PTSD and occasionally mobility issues stemming from their service. By the time we have fully trained a service dog, we’ve invested approximately $20,000 into their health, training and well-being," Puppy Jake Foundation Office Manager Maggie Donovan said.

Puppy Jake Foundation said the Tweed Ride is a huge asset for them. They usually raise a couple thousand dollars every year though the event.


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