VIDEO: Cute Kids Share Their First Snow Weather Report


[wpvideo sH4JrU4M]

URBANDALE, Iowa — These future meteorologists may not have their forecasts down to a science just yet…but they’re certainly entertaining!

Faye Senne, who is part of the Channel 13 family, sent us this adorable video of her daughters doing a weather report Monday night as the snow fell in Urbandale. The costumed duo spoke about what they’re expecting the weather to be like for Halloween and the snow totals they’re forecasting might blow your mind!

“My daughters, Violet (9) and Faline (7) were very excited about the snow and decided to do a weather forecast out in the snow wearing their Halloween costumes. The first real snow is always exciting for us.”

You can submit your own first snow photos or videos below and we may use them on-air or online!


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