Video of Oskaloosa Teen Being Bullied Goes Viral; Family Speaks Out


Katie and Cobra Druliner (WHO-HD)

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OSKALOOSA, Iowa  --  A video of an Oskaloosa boy being bullied has gone viral.

Cobra Druliner, 15, said he was spending some time with friends when he was cornered in an alley behind Smokey Row in Oskaloosa.

“They just beat me up and then my friend jumped in, and my friend carried me out to the corner,” Cobra said.

Cobra said he’s not exactly sure why the other boy punched him, but this isn’t the first time this particular boy has hit him.

“He said I grabbed his girlfriend’s butt. All my friends know I’m not that type of person that would do that,” Cobra said.

His family said they just want the bullying to stop.

“He’s autistic and he doesn’t understand what normal people understand. What they did, he didn’t understand. What they were saying, he probably didn’t understand what he did that was so wrong. If you look at that video, he is begging and pleading,” Cobra’s aunt Katie Druliner said.

Cobra’s mom said she thinks Cobra might have been set up.

“It was planned, more or less, that’s what made me think it was planned, you know, all of them taking out their cell phones and recording it because it was planned,” said Jennifer Miller.

She’s also worried the bullying won’t stop.

“I really think that it will continue. I don’t think that this kid is ever going to let up because he knows my son is an easy target to beat up,” Miller said.

A tattoo artist for In the Flesh Tattoo Shop said he was bullied as a child, and now plans to do anything he can to make sure it doesn’t happen to Cobra or anyone else.

“I want him to know that he’s got plenty of places around here that if he’s getting bullied he can go into and that they will help him get in contact with either the police or his mother if anything like this were to happen again. Also that goes for any other child in this community, as well, that may be bullied or picked on,” tattoo artist Westley Vaughan said.

In the Flesh Tattoo Shop is hosting a gathering on Wednesday, June 20th at 1 p.m. for anyone who wants to support Cobra.

“I’m pretty thankful for the tattoo shop and Smokey Row people looking out for me,” Cobra said.

Cobra said the alleged bully has now been banned from Smokey Row, and according to the Oskaloosa Herald, he has been arrested. Mike Fisher, they alleged bully's attorney, said, “At this point, I believe it is too early in this matter to make any statement on the child or his mother’s behalf since the investigation and charging decisions are ongoing.”


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