Wellmark YMCA Sees New Faces for the New Year

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Wellmark YMCA

DES MOINES, Iowa – A new year means plenty of new faces in the gyms across the Metro, but some gym-goers say proper planning is the only way to keep a healthy habit from fading into a January fad.

“I would say my daughter is a big inspiration to that, as well as my son who competes in swimming in college,” said Lynn Gaumer of Ankeny. “He’s in the pool by 5:45 everyday, so he’s a big inspiration.”

Gaumer says when her kids workout at the Wellmark YMCA downtown, she uses it as an excuse to work up a sweat of her own.

“My daughter trains with the Tri Midwest group downstairs, and so when she trains with the Tri Midwest group, I am up here training as well,” she said.

The YMCA of Greater Des Moines says it sees a spike in membership every January, as people try to resolve to a healthier lifestyle. But keeping the novelty of a new workout regimen from wearing off is where the hard work really lies.

“I’m going to give it a couple of weeks to slow down, I know a lot of people will disappear,” said Edgar Leguisano of Des Moines, who frequents the Wellmark Y often.

Leguisano says he’s not one of those, ‘New Year, New Me,’ kind of people. His advice to those who are trying to pick up a healthy habit is to do something you love.

“If this is your goal, come in here, put in the work, fall in love with it,” he said. “That’s the number one thing, to fall in love with it. Once you fall in love with the results you’re getting, you put in the hard work, you’re going to love it, you’re not going to quite after a certain amount of weeks.”

Others at the Y on Sunday agree with Leguisano – the road to a healthier lifestyle is filled with baby steps.

“Have small goals to work your way up,” said Mohamed Abdelnabi of Des Moines, who enjoys basketball at the Y. “Don’t just have one top goal, and have no small goals to get up there.”

Gaumer also suggests mixing up your workouts, so you don’t grow tired of the same old routine. An avid racer, Gaumer is trying to increase her weightlifting workouts when she comes to the gym.

“I’m trying more of the strength part of strength and conditioning,” she said. “When I train for triathlons or half marathons, it’s a lot of running and biking and swimming, but I’m trying to do more weights.”


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