West Des Moines Barbershop Gives Free Haircuts to Kids on Christmas Eve

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- While many are giving gifts and sharing meals for the holidays, Platinum Signature Barbershop staff are giving their time trimming and chopping away hair for their youngest customers free of charge.

Platinum Signature Barbershop owner Robert Presswood said he remembers a time when his family didn’t have a barbershop

"I try not to focus on just buying multiple gifts because that's not what it's about. Christmas is about what we are doing here today and that's giving and sharing. Giving these kids a free haircut that they might not be able to do," Presswood said.

Melissa Ansah said as a regular customer and parent, she knows how much these events mean to those in need.

“I didn’t know that he was giving out free haircuts today because I don’t have Facebook, but when I came in and everybody was saying that, I thought that was so awesome because as a parent you spend a lot of your time hustling and running around trying to get Christmas taken care of. You forget your kids need a haircut. And I think that’s just awesome,” Ansah said.

Sierra Smith brought her nephew in on her day off so he could get a haircut before holiday occasions. She said as a long-time family friend of Presswood, it’s inspiring to see him give back to the community that helped build up his business.

“I think it’s really great when people basically make it. You see the shop and they’re able to give back. He’s always doing small things and big things for the community,” Smith said.

During the event, a regular customer was moved by the gesture and gave a special treat to each kid in the shop.

“He decided to give all the kids $20 each, so yeah, that’s what Christmas is about. Like I said before, it’s about sharing and giving and we create that positive vibe that just spreads through the rooms, so happy holidays and this is what’s it’s about -- sharing and loving,” Presswood said.

Presswood said he hopes others will be inspired to give back to their communities.


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