World War II Veteran Shares His Story of Working as ‘Deception’ Radio Operator


World War II veteran Howard McDonald shares his story of service in France at Veterans Day event on Nov. 11, 2019, (WHO-HD)

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- Customers at The Machine Shed in West Des Moines were treated to a historic presentation Monday from a U.S. Army veteran who served in France.

Howard McDonald was part of a military group that took part in the battle of Normandy during World War II.

He worked as a radio deception operator and was tasked with providing the enemy with false information about what Allied forces were planning for the D-day battle.

McDonald showed a number of pictures he took earlier in the year when visiting Normandy to provide his audience with a visual of where he landed and the specific location where the famous battle took place.

“We started sending back and forth on the 4th of June and by the 12th then we took a move clear down by Dover and we set at Dover still sending and receiving even though the invasion was going on on the 6th in Normandy… it was a diversion deal to keep that 15th army out of the Cherbourg area. And then we were told to shut down on the 20th, by that time, of course, there was the beachhead on Normandy and was starting to move,” said McDonald.

McDonald served from 1942 until he was discharged in 1945.


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