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Workout of the Week
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The American Council on Exercise, or ACE, releases a list of fitness trends each year.  The year, technology is expected to shape the way we shape our bodies.  From the Fitbit to the Apple I-Watch, wearable technology is number one on ACE's 2015 list.

Personal trainer, Angie Gallagher notes that they track your calorie burn throughout the day, even when you're sleeping.

Number two:  On line and video on demand workout programs.  Not being able to get to the gym is no longer an excuse.  Workouts are now being designed specifically for mobile devices, allowing you to workout where and when you want.

"So whenever you are available to workout, it’s there for you and whatever you want to work out, as far as body type or goals," says Gallagher.

The same goes for personal training.  It's going high-tech too.

"Really, the difference between say, an on demand video versus the personal trainer on-line, the trainer is designing the workout for you versus a generalized workout program."

On-line personal training allows Gallagher to train clients living as far away as Peru.  But one-on-one training isn't the only way to go.  Number four on the list of trends:  Personalized group based training programs.

"In the past, it was about getting as many people as you can into a class and you’re really just trying to keep up to what the instructor is doing," says Gallagher.   "But the trend in 2015 is a smaller group and make it more adaptable to each individual so they’re exercising at their own potential versus trying to keep up with you."

Small group training is also more affordable.  And that leads us to number five on the list.   ACE predicts a decline in one-on-one personal training at large fitness facilities.

"Because small group training is gaining in popularity."


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