Workout of the Week: UGI Ball

Workout of the Week
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This week we're trying a brand new fitness format.  It's sort of a cross between an old school medicine ball and a bean bag and the possibilities are endless.

"It's an UGI ball," explains Personal Trainer Angie Gallagher, "it stands for U Got It!"

You can do all sorts of exercises with the squishy, weighted ball - resistance, cardio and core.

We spend several rounds using the UGI as a target.  First during burpees - we have to get all the way into a perfect plank in order to tap our stomachs onto the ball.  Another move forces us to stay in constant contact with the ball as we circle it.  Finally, we place our hands on top of the UGI during speed skaters, with the option of picking it up to add resistance.

Resistance is the focus when we take the ball over head during alternating lunges and by this time our heart rates are skyrocketing.

There are many ways to target your core with the UGI.  Angie has us use it for side planks, mountain climbers and push ups and even has us balancing on top of it on our knees.  You can also use it in more traditional ways, adding resistance to reverse crunches or tossing it in the air during v-sits.

The only thing limiting what you can do with this fitness tool, is your imagination. "It's great because when you mix it up it’s not just a mental thing," says Angie, "physically your body is being challenged, even in just slightly new ways the muscles are going to be activated and developed and that’s what we want."

If you want to try the UGI ball contact Angie by visiting her website.




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