LIVE SCORES: Girls State Basketball Tournament

The storm we are watching is still well to the southwest of Iowa. It will be moving into the state late tonight and tomorrow morning.
The track of this storm is directly over central Iowa. That means more snow to the north and ice to the east of the state. We will see just a slight chance for slick roads early tomorrow morning, then much colder temperatures and gusty NW wind tomorrow afternoon with light accumulations of snow.
It will not cause as much travel concern in central Iowa as it will in Minnesota. Heavier snow will fall along the Iowa/Minnesota border.

The forecast tomorrow is looking better for most of central Iowa. There will be a chance for light rain early Tuesday morning. It could freeze on the surface north of Ames to the IA/MN border.

The center of the storm will be right over central Iowa…drying out the storm as it moves over the state. It will mean more ice for southeastern Iowa and more snow for northern Iowa and much of Minnesota.

After the storm moves east it will drag much colder temperatures over the state and it will be windy. Wind chills will drop to -15 by Wednesday morning.

Expect a slow warming trend Thursday…but much warmer temperatures for the weekend and next week. Still looks dry for the weekend and next week.


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